1 / What's Whosmyguide ?

Who's My Guide allows travelers to search, compare and contact guides around the world. The entire guide community is represented to offer the widest choice to travelers in preparing their travels. Travelers also have the opportunity to communicate with all those present before or after the trip, for example to prepare for transfer from New Delhi airport or to speak to the Sistine Chapel guide.


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Who's on Who's My Guide?

Who are the guides?

For Who's My Guide, a guide is a professional with the ability to safely supervise a group of travelers to discover a culture, a place or an activity.


What is a Local ?

The Local is a loving volunteer and passionate about his country, city or region.

He shares his passion with visitors from around the world and conveys a message of fraternity and a hand outstretched in the tourist activity. This benevolence and generosity give another vision of tourism and the sharing of different passions.


Who's My Guide groups them into 8 categories:

- Culture (Historical, religious, art, music, anthropology ...)

- Nature (discovery of fauna and flora, hiking ...)

- Mountain (skiing, mountaineering, dog sledding ...)

- Water (Sailing, canoeing, white water, surfing ...)

- Gastronomy (cooking classes, culinary festivals ...)

- Extreme (Paragliding, 4x4, Survival techniques ...)

- Fishing (at sea, river, lake ...)

- Transport and logistics (drivers, porters, pilots ...)


Guides can be independent or salaried. They must act as travel professionals. Guides are required to be able to work legally and have all documents, authorizations, accreditations and insurances required for the activities advertised on Who's My Guide.

Companies or organizations employing guides are the driving force for the registration of salaried guides. However, these salaried guides own all of the content present on their profiles except for the corporate space. This space, reserved for the employer, allows him to present his company.

Why regroup different trades?


It is true that a mountain guide and a museum guide have very different trades, we acknowledge. Nevertheless, when booking their means of transport, many travelers do not have a clear idea of ​​the activities they wish to undertake during their journey. They remain open to a wide range of activities before accessing Who's My Guide and even search for travel ideas through our site. To combine profiles of different guides is to help the traveler in the preparation of his trip.


What is an advertiser, does it have a link with the guide?

Advertisers are companies with commercial interests to communicate on the profiles of independent guides.

Commercial advertisements are clearly differentiated on the profile pages of the guides and do not lead to subordination or contract with the guide benefiting from the advertisement.


Who are the travelers?

Travelers from around the world who can use Who's My Guide for free by signing up or not as a member. Registration as a member is required to post comments on guide profiles but is not required to contact guides.


Which countries are affected and what languages ​​are spoken on the site?

Who's My Guide is open to the world. To date, travelers can search and view profiles in 15 different languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese)


The navigation of the site is currently limited to English and French, other languages ​​will appear in the future.


2 / How Who's My Guide works?

How do I search?

From the home page, several search methods can be used to search for a guide on Who's My Guide:

• The destination drop-down menu to search all the guides of a destination

• Key words in order to answer very specific searches (example: safari on foot in the Selous reserve in Tanzania)

• The dynamic map, a fun way to access the profile of the guide


The results of a search by destinations or keywords are displayed in a search listing. Guides with many quality comments and recently added, will be put forward in SEO.

Advanced search allows you to filter results by adding or removing criteria such as activities, destinations, languages ​​or guide type.


How to choose a guide?

Once the search is completed, the traveler is asked to compare the guides. Who's My Guide encourages travelers to judge guides according to their qualifications and experiences.


Guides with a complete profile are highlighted in our Who's My Guide monogram. A complete profile includes a photo, a biography, a diploma or license, 2 minimum professional references (not available on the profile of the guide) 1 minimum travel suggestion, 1 media blog minimum and 1 minimum comment

Travelers also benefit from the independent reviews of former clients in order to compare profiles.


On the profile of a guide, Who's My Guide also suggests other professionals nearby to facilitate comparison and give other ideas to travelers.


How to contact a guide?

Travelers can write a message to the guides by clicking on the "Send message" button. Freelance guides will receive emails on their personal email messages, the paid guides will receive messages through their companies.


How to book a guide?

Once the contact is established, the traveler and the guide must agree on a performance, a price and a date. Then follow the guide!


Does Who's My Guide vouch for guides and customers?

As a web content host, Who's My Guide is not responsible for content and bookings on guidebook profiles or email communications from Who's My Guide.


Who's My Guide works on a daily basis to implement tools and procedures to prevent identity spoofing or spamming. However, Who's My Guide can not be held liable for any dispute between the guide or the traveler for any reason whatsoever.


Does the traveler have to pay in advance his trip?

As a precaution, Who's My Guide advises caution not to pay the full price in advance. An advance to ensure logistics before the arrival of the client can be concluded between the guide and the traveler at the discretion of both parties.

It is recommended that all or the remaining amount be paid in the local currency on the day of delivery.


Why tell his trip?

It is important that the client tells and evaluates the guide after his or her trip. Future clients will be able to use the advice of past customers in terms of general advice, communication skills (mastery of foreign languages), general knowledge or security in order to choose a guide without unpleasant surprises.


Writing a comment for a guide means putting past experience to the benefit of other travelers. It is to serve the guides and the community of travelers by giving an independent and disinterested opinion.


Can I comment on the profile of a guide on Who's My Guide?

It is possible to comment on the media added by the guide. The objective is to communicate before or after the trip on the photos, texts or videos posted by the guide.


It is a way of immersing oneself in the universe of the guide and to discover its activities on a daily basis.


I know a good guide who is not on Who's My Guide how to tell him?

On the banner, a "Suggest Who's My Guide" section allows personalized messages to be sent to guides or companies / employers associations of guides to encourage them to register and create a profile Who's My Guide


See Suggest Who's My Guide


Can I create a profile for a friend who does not have internet?

It is possible to create a profile for a third party but under certain very strict and controlled conditions. More details in the General Conditions of Sales

See Terms and Conditions


Who pays Who's My Guide and why?

Who's My Guide is a company intended to be a true commercial platform for guides.

Who's My Guide invests the majority of revenues to make the Who's My Guide tool efficient and expand the community of guides and travelers.


Our compensation system is based on subscriptions. Unlike commissions, we allow the greatest independence and freedom for professionals and their clients.

The price of this subscription is calculated to be within the reach of all and is generally amortized after the first reservation.